National Women’s Small Business Month Spotlight: IncentiveAmerica

Published: 20 December 2022
National Women’s Small Business Month

Pathward recognized October as National Women’s Small Business Month, which celebrates women-owned businesses and their lasting impact on the economy. Driven by our purpose of powering financial inclusion for all, we are intentional about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and are pleased to highlight a woman-owned business, IncentiveAmerica, Inc.

IncentiveAmerica assisted Pathward with a pilot employee recognition program. The program was created to promote recognition of performance that results in the improvement of systems, processes, cost reduction or work simplification, development of a new process that improves work efficiency, and/or quality beyond that which is expected of their job function or exceeds service expectations internally or externally.

In recognition of National Women’s Small Business Month, we’re pleased to spotlight IncentiveAmerica and its Founder Elizabeth Montgomery.


About the Founder:

Elizabeth attended the University of Connecticut where she obtained her degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. She then went on to pursue a Master of Business Administration at the University of Michigan. After years of working in consumer marketing at leading marketing companies, including Kraft Foods, The NutraSweet Company, and Maybelline Cosmetics, Elizabeth decided to apply her marketing skills to marketing to employees with the founding of IncentiveAmerica.


Below is a Q&A to learn more about Elizabeth’s company.


What is the nature of your business?

IncentiveAmerica, a full-service marketer of incentive programs, business recognition programs and promotional programs, is located in Dallas, Texas, and launched in 2003. Our strategic approach allows us to help clients utilize awards, incentives, and promotional products to effectively recognize their employees, market to their target groups, establish and enhance their brand image, and reinforce a positive perception of the organization among employees, customers, and the general public.

Our comprehensive, one-stop-shopping incentive gift and recognition and branded product solutions include:

  • Employee incentive programs (awards, years of service recognition using award catalogs, sales recognition, safety incentives and peer-to-peer spot awards and incentive programs). These programs utilize our proprietary online award platform.
  • Branded promotional and advertising merchandise – including corporate apparel.
  • Development of e-stores for branded products and inventory fulfillment of these products.


What differentiates your organization from similar companies?

Our key point of difference is our program customization and flexibility. We work with clients to define their incentive goals and develop appropriate programs within their established budgets to meet those goals.

As a provider of employee awards utilizing pre-paid gift cards for employee awards, we soon realized that cash awards, while being highly desirable, were utilized primarily to pay bills and to purchase day-to-day needs and had little association with the gift-giving occasion. Merchandise awards are more memorable and have:

  • High perceived value
  • Trophy value
  • Social value
  • Longer term residual effect
  • Allow participant to justify the consumption of award – by selecting an item they would like to have but would not normally purchase for themselves


Learn more about IncentiveAmerica by visiting


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