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Serving the Financial Needs of Diverse Industries Across the Country

Pathward provides creative and flexible financial solutions to a myriad of business-to-business, manufacturing, service, and distribution industries in the U.S. and Canada. Some of the industries we help include: 

  • Manufacturing 
    From automotive suppliers, plastic molders, and steel heat treatment plants, to organic soap manufacturers, we help businesses across the manufacturing spectrum meet their goals with financing that fits their specific need.  Pathward is experienced in delivering inventive solutions that provide timely and flexible, easy-access funding, alongside the consultative services to support funding daily process and operational requirements within manufacturing.
  • Staffing 
    Pathward has a long history in providing staffing industry financing. We understand the unique challenges of the staffing industry and can provide the financial support needed to help manage growth, take advantage of opportunities, or help fund payroll. We offer a number of staffing financing solutions; let our experienced team find the right one for your specific situation.
  • Alternative Energy 
    The alternative energy market is growing, and it’s generating exciting, large-scale changes to the distribution of energy across the country. Pathward understands the complexities inherent in businesses in growth sectors, including solar energy, battery storage, biogas, biomass, fuel cells, geothermal, hydro and wind energy. Let us help provide access to capital and customized financing solutions, whether it is for energy off-take, renewable energy equipment, or for your customers to take advantage of alternative energy.


  • Insurance 
    Pathward has the power to finance the insurance industry across multiple funding solutions tailored to this unique sector. Our specialized lending team is focused specifically on insurance solutions to meet growth, acquisition, recapitalization, or agency perpetuation. And since 1986, we’ve provided financing to facilitate the purchase of insurance premiums for the commercial market, offering partners peace of mind and financial solvency. We know your business is about relationships. So is ours.


  • Transportation 
    In good times or tough economies, Pathward gets funds flowing to transportation companies quickly. Whether your company is a startup, a small business with a two-truck fleet, or a well-established freight company delivering goods across the country — we can help. Our factoring services go well beyond the transaction, providing the administrative support to help manage your receivables no matter the size of your business.

  • Oil & Gas Services 
    Our experienced oilfield services team understands the unique challenges companies in the oil and gas industry face — and we know the importance of establishing a steady cash flow, especially when your company is growing. Whether it's staffing, crude haulers, gravel haulers, metal fabrication, equipment servicing, pipeline construction, water delivery, or others — we have the responsiveness, knowledge, and product lines to develop a right-fit financial solution. 
  • IT/Technology 
    Businesses rely on technology as the foundation for their operations. The more optimized the technology, the greater the efficiency, reliability, and value-added functionality like speed, and capacity.  Pathward can help you keep pace with technology upgrades and innovation, providing affordable customized solutions for predictable, easy-to-budget options to meet these expenses. 
  • Construction 
    Whether your next project involves constructing a building or moving a mountain, you can’t let your equipment needs stand in the way of business. Pathward can help construction and building companies to acquire the necessary equipment, update outdated equipment, or manage the lifecycle and efficiency of equipment to meet the demands of this industry.

  • Distribution
    You’re focused on product movement and availability — let Pathward help keep you on the right track.  We understand the intricacies of managing distribution sector logistics and can help you secure financing to address the required flexibility and speed — the seasonality and the surprises — that are often characteristic of this industry. 


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