LogRocket: "Taking a human-centric approach to fintech, with Suhas Reddy"

Published: 13 May 2024
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Pathward's Senior Vice President of Product Management Suhas Reddy spoke with the team at LogRocket to discuss his career and how his “experience laid a robust foundation for his current role at Pathward, where he is dedicated to broadening financial inclusion, applying his rich expertise to drive significant advancements in the industry.” 

In the article, Reddy talks about human-centric design, how it’s applied in the context of financial services, and his role in enabling Pathward to be a bank that a tech company would build.    

“Making fintech human-centric means taking things to places that traditional banks or financial institutions have not been able to go,” he told LogRocket. “Further, it means delivering these products or services in the context of a customer’s everyday life, which is another key principle to human-centric design.” 

Reddy also talks about the importance of diversity in ideating and designing and much more.  

Read the full story on LogRocket.com.  

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