Fintech Nexus: "Pathward President Anthony Sharett on how to do banking as a service right”

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Published: 13 June 2024
Fintech Nexus Podcast: Pathward President Anthony Sharett

Pathward's President Anthony Sharett spoke with Peter Renton, chairman and co-founder of Fintech Nexus and host of the Fintech One-on-One Podcast.  

During the interview, Sharett talked briefly about his legal career and how it led him to his current role at Pathward. He also shared his thoughts on the state of Banking as a Service today and talked about some of Pathward’s successful partnerships and insights into what Pathward looks for in a fintech partner and how the company innovates through co-creation. 

Here’s a snippet of what Sharett shared about how the company collaborates with its fintech partners: “So now what we do is at the very front end, using design thinking approaches and also through our product and solutions team. From the outset, we have these teams meet, most of the time on site, many times for multiple days in a row, where we can sort of sit down, brainstorm, whiteboard around what are the customer needs that we’re trying to meet? What are some of the technology implications around launching this product?  Number three, what are the risk and compliance capabilities and things that we need to be thinking about? And number four, peeking around the corner, what gives us collectively the right to win?” 

Sharett shared that Pathward remains excited about what’s on the horizon and explained how Pathward differentiates itself from other sponsor banks and some things the company is focused on this year. 

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